Emilia Kirova and Tzigani


We are recording a new cd in 2016, the release of which is planned in october 2016.



We have decided NOT to bring out our new CD under our name "Tzigani", because it will have little to do with gipsy music.
Actually it's going to be a real christmas cd, with only christmas songs.

Instead, we will bring it out under the name "Kalinka Ensemble" (www.kalinka.be)

We are at this very moment having a lot of fun, playing christmas songs in the middle of summer.

UPDATE JULY: The recording sessions are finished, and we are very proud of the result: christmas songs in a gipsy coat. You'll like it!

We have invited a few fantastic guest musicians such as Werner Meert, Popy Basily, Danny Martien.
Their contribution is  amazing!

Keep an eye on our facebook. We put there some photos or videos about this recording.

Tzigani Facebook

Christmas concert Emilia Kirova and Tzigani